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What to know before buying a Ragdoll cat.

Ever since I can remember, I have always had a liiiiitle bit of an obsession with cats. And dogs, and pretty much every other animal, but especially cats. We would find stray kittens, give them a flea bath and all the love we had to give.

Before I get on to all the cons of owning a Ragdoll cat, I need to reinforce that they are incredibly beautiful, social, playful and gentle. Moses hardly ever puts out his claws, so when he bats you, it feels like an extremely fluffy ping pong ball. He loves to be around you and even though he ignores 80% of the things I say to him, I can tell he loves me (because I give him food).


When Mo was a kitten, I was like "Yes, this is awesome, he doesn't even shed." Fast forward 6 months and it's time to eat my words because he. sheds. so. much. The problem is that very little fur comes off onto the brush when I brush him, but he seems to just lick off a few little furballs and leave them at my door as presents in the morning. So own a good vacuum.

That leads on to the next thing...


The reason they're so immaculate is that Ragdolls spend hours a day licking themselves. If you're trying to go to sleep while your Ragdoll cat lays on the bed next to you, be prepared for the actual sound to the word moist.


Moses is VERY talkative. I insist it's a cute meow, but my husband thinks otherwise. If you look at his Google search history here's what you might find:

  • Why won't my cat stop meowing?

  • How to stop my cat from meowing.

  • Do all Cats meow constantly?

  • Why did we get a Ragdoll?

Be prepared to talk back. It happens!


If you expect your kitten's markings to stay the same, it is unlikely. The colour on their face, paws and tail grows and changes and it's likely it will keep changing until they're 2 years old.


Ragdolls grow big. So big. And heavy. But not as big and heavy as a child so that's a plus. They also don't eat as much.

So that's all the dirt I can give you on owning a Ragdoll. I've outlined all the cons, but the pros far outway those in my opinion. If you're thinking of getting a Ragdoll cat, feel free to get in touch!

T x

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