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5 Wedding Blogs to Follow.

Congratulations on your recent engagement, or if you're not engaged, congratulations on being a pre-engagement wedding planner!! Sometimes as a bride-to-be it's hard to find the inspiration to get all of your ideas together to plan the day you've been dreaming about. I would encourage you to follow these Wedding Blogs find your niche style to put all those beautiful images in your head together and when you find a photo you feel inspired by, save it, screenshot it or just print it out and keep it somewhere. This way, you can go back to it when you are ordering or hiring or getting a quote for your big day.

Most vendors love to see these photos you've collected as a reference for what you have in your mind. They can then create something in their own beautiful way based on the image you've found. Now is the time for me to do some shameless plugging and tell you to go to my website and send through some photos for a floral quote!

Magnolia Rouge features soft, golden details, airy film images and gorgeous brides and grooms. This is the blog to follow if you're a sucker for all things Fine Art, like I am.

Ever After showcases real wedding stories from all around the world. They also have a wedding directory which never goes astray. Magnificent honeymoon destinations can be found in this blog too, which let's be honest, is the most exciting part right?

Style Me Pretty is an all time favourite wedding blog. They feature real weddings, styled shoots and inspiration. Their Planning + Advice section really gets down to the nitty gritty of wedding planning.

Green Wedding Shoes is the place to go to see all things that are a little bit different and hipster. They feature real weddings and all the awesome details which sometimes get missed out on when planning a wedding.

100 Layer Cake is such an inspirational blog! Here you can find the best things to DIY to make your wedding sentimental and funky.

If you have any other blogs you love, let me know via Instagram or email! I'd love to hear where you past brides got your major style crushes from.

T x

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