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Updated: Jun 5, 2019

I have a secret weapon when it comes to knowing when to water my indoor plants in winter. Because let's face it. They're dang fussy. Too much water, they die. Too little water, they die. Too much sun, they die. Too little sun, they die! How do we get it right?

The little device I use to see whether my plants need a water is called a Soil Moisture Meter - and you're right. I am a cheater. It's the best, and it's linked HERE.

The reason I think this is the most nifty little tool, is because indoor plants seem to like to get quite dry before getting watered again. If I were to put a time to it, I probably water my indoor plants once a fortnight in Winter as opposed to once a week in Summer.

As for getting enough sun, this is tricky in the gloomy city of Melbourne. I move plants around once every couple of months to give them the best of all the spots! This continues on into winter, and they have had all of Autumn to acclimatise to less light.

Just make sure you don't put them too close to a heater.

Another few things I do to show my plants I love them:

1. Mist their leaves on the week that you don't water them.

2. Wipe the dust off their leaves so they can take in all the light that is available.

3. Whisper words of encouragement to them.**

Let me know if you have any other things you like to do to care for your houseplants in the cold months!

T x

** I may be pulling your leg.

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