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We creatives all love an aesthetic feed, and one way to create this is through the edits we do to our photos.

Most of the time, I take my photos on my iPhone as it is quick, easy and convenient rather than getting my camera out, setting it up and getting the shot. As much as I'd like a beautifully photographed shot to use, it takes too much time out of a day when I have scheduled my times to making bouquets and arrangements, quoting and meeting with clients.

I met Mandi Nelson a couple of years ago at a floral workshop, and she explained the importance of creating a brand that stuck to a few simple words. If you check out her Instagram, you can see that she has a definite style to her photos.

I wanted to create a brand that is light, airy and romantic. So, I purchased her presets #mandinelsonpresets and they have been such a help.

Here's a few before and afters of some shots that you might see on my feed.

These two have a subtle change, but it brightens the image so much, and accentuates the colours, making the two images have the same feel.

These ones are a bit more of a pronounced difference, but in order to soften the colours to match in with my feed, I had to change them up a bit.

You might not have the same style as my own, but if you want a carefully curated feed and brand, I would suggest either making your own presets to add to your photos, or investing in what others have made.

T x

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