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15 of the Best Winter Wedding Bouquets

Winter weddings might just be my favourite! Not only can you don a fabulous fur coat, but it's time to make the most of the best blooms the season has to offer such as Sweet Pea, Ranunculas, Hellebore and sway-in-the-breeze Poppies.

I've compiled a list of the 15 best Winter Wedding Bouquets, so that you can plan the dreamiest winter affair.


Foliage Only Bouquets - This is a chic option in winter because it's when all the most beautiful berries and textures are out!

Tips for foliage only bouquets:

- Use Ferns! These create a floaty movement in the bouquet!

- If you're going to use a heavy foliage, have it en masse! One type of foliage on its own is so beautiful.

- Have a trail. This is another way to create interest in the bouquet.

2. Bouquet by Flora by T

3. Bouquet by Tobey Nelson


Moody Bouquets - One of the biggest trends around right now is the dark moody purples, maroons and reds. We can see why, they're gorgeous! What better time to have moody, cozy flowers than in Winter.

Tips for moody bouquets:

- Look past the filter! Filters on photos can make the flowers look even darker than they are, so make sure you look past the filter so you're not disappointed on your wedding day.

- Use deep coloured foliage and big leaves to keep the moody feel going.

- Emphasise the colours with a deep ruby toned ribbon!

4. Bouquet by Flora by T

5. Bouquet by Dream Weavers

6. Bouquet by Sullivan Owen


White and Green Bouquets - Take advantage of the abundance of winter whites with a classy white and green bouquet. Your wedding will be one to remember!

Tips for white and green bouquets:

- Tell your florist you want this colour palette and let them surprise you with the blooms used on your day!

- There are green flowers too! Don't just limit the greens to the foliage.

- Experiment with texture.

8. Bouquet by KKFloral via Once Wed

9. Bouquet by Flora by T


Tropical Bouquet - Want your guests to feel like its summer? Go bold, contrasting the weather with a super cool tropical bouquet.

Tips for a tropical bouquet:

- Go big! The bigger, the better.

- Softer touches in the bouquet create interest.

- Use a Turtle Leaf! They are seriously the cutest thing.

10. Bouquet by Root + Bloom via Inspired by This

11. Bouquet by Flora by T

12. Bouquet by Floral Stylist Co.


En Masse Bouquet - There is literally nothing better than a huge bouquet made from all the same blooms. It conveys simplicity, elegance and class.

Tips for en masse bouquets:

- Have a backup plan in case your particular flower isn't available.

- Don't overthink it! Simplicity is key.

- Even though your bouquet is en masse, all the other arrangements in the wedding can be as wild as you want!

13. Bouquet by Hey Gorgeous via Style me Pretty

14. Bouquet by Oleander Curated

15. Bouquet by Pavlos via Green Wedding Shoes


Let me know via my Instagram which winter bouquet you would choose!

T x

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